Ten Palo Santo Sticks

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Bundle of 10 Palo Santo sticks in a canvas bag.


About Palo Santo

Palo Santo is a sacred tree from South America that has been used in traditional healing and spiritual ceremonies for centuries. Shamans and healers often used this sacred wood to purify air, cleanse negative energy, and for its medicinal qualities. it is known for its invigorating and grounding aroma that has notes of balsamic, mint, and pine.

The holistic benefits of Palo Santo are only present when the tree falls naturally and is allowed to decompose for five to eight years, which gives the natural oils in the wood time to mature before harvesting. 

Our Palo Santo is sustainably harvested in Ecuador by farmers who strive to honor and preserve both Palo Santo forests as well as the history and cultural significance of the wood itself. Reforestation and environmental preservation are extremely important to us and the farmers we work with and we are so happy to be able to provide this high quality incense.